Hidden In The Deserts !

Since the early 1800s, archaeologists and Egyptologists have been looking for and discovering thousands of ancient relics and secrets hidden in Egypt’s deserts. However, there are many hidden gems that we have yet to unearth.

They Got Lucky ! Researchers aren’t always so lucky, though, as they occasionally come across rare historical gems just beneath the surfac.

Fixing The Damage ! Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has attempted to lead new explorations across the country in recent years, ostensibly to make new discoveries, but also to help repair the damage done over time by tomb raiders and robbers.

Unexpected Encounter ! Since the Egyptian revolution in 2011, many areas, such as the Great Pyramids, have been completely unguarded.

Ancient Mask Was Found! Archaeologists were ecstatic when they discovered the mask. In fact, it was the first quest in the area since 1900, implying that more significant artifacts were on their way.

What’s Inside The Tomb? To their surprise, the first shaft had been opened. Which was understandable given that it was completely empty when they opened it. The four other shafts, on the other hand, could hold discoveries that modern society had yet to witness.

Finally Seeing What’s Inside. the general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said, “I can imagine that all of the objects can be found in this area,”  He said the biggest answers were in the leftover shafts.

Revealing More Chambers . The archaeologists dug by hand, sifting through rocks and sand in the hopes of unearthing more ancient artifacts.

What Else Was Found? Construction workers in Alexandria, Egypt, not far from Wahtye’s, hit something beyond bedrock during a routine excavation. They were well aware that this was a momentous occasion.