A vlogger spent $12,643 on a truck filled with lost packages after she won a bidding contest for the items in hopes of making her money back and found some treasure, including a Dior purse, Dyson vacuum and diamond jewelry.

The savvy shopper shares her videos with her over 1.92 million subscribers and unboxes the hundreds of packages on camera in hopes of making her money back. In one viral video Hope documented the treasure hunt by showing herself opening the thousands of packages she spent nearly $13,000 on.

Luckily, the vlogger struck gold when she found designer handbags, guitars and jewelry worth more than $50,000. 'These giant boxes are full of online orders that didn't make it to their final destination,' she explained in viral video, which racked up over one million views on YouTube.

After she unloaded the giant packages into her home, Hope dug through the boxes to find the treasure, which took her two days, and added up the retail cost of each item. And when she found one half of a pair of $200 Dr. Martens boots, Hope realized her treasure hunt wouldn't be as easy as she thought and she'd have to spend the bulk of her time organizing her inventory.

Luckily she found the other half of the beloved Dr. Martens and continued to unpack even more name brand shoes, including Converse, Adidas, Steve Madden, Birkenstocks, Under Armour and Toms. The huge boxes were mainly filled with obscure clothing items such as 141 baby Yoda T-shirts, a flame resistant suit, 113 packs of pet outfits and 232 socks.

The vlogger continued unboxing and finally hit the jackpot when she found the designer items or the 'treasure.' She found a $498 Tory Burch dress, which she considered keeping until she realized it was too small, and a $1,200 Versace Jeans men's tracksuit, which she offered to her husband Tyler but he passed on.

She then found five Apple keyboards worth $500 and $520 worth of Levi's jeans. Hope also found a box that was filled with just jewelry. She also found $3,000 worth of jewelry from brands such as David Yurman, Swarovski, Kendra Scott and Everlasting Gold. Hope then found $1,308 worth of Steve Madden purses and had finally earned her nearly $13,000 back.

She then decided to open the box she called the 'treasure pallet,' which had the highest price tags. Hope collected a $70 longboard, an $850 Dyson vacuum, an $800 Taylor guitar and two more unbranded guitars.

At the end of her haul Hope revealed the 'treasure pallet' had about $9,936 worth of items or $14,136, if the Dior purse is authentic - on top of the $42,720 worth of goods she unpacked from the previous boxes. Although she battled with what items she should keep, she ultimately decided to only keep $5,287 worth of items for herself and friends.