An Indiana Walmart employee has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars while working for the company, according to reports.

Kyesha Moredock of Evansville has been accused of taking a possible $225,000 from Walmart, according to a 14 News report.

Authorities have said Walmart provided a video showing Moredock allegedly taking money to her car from April through May, with this amount totaling $46,000.

She was also showed the video footage of her taking the money to her vehicle, an action that is not allowed under the store's cash control procedures.

When questioned by police, she said that a part of her job was taking money to and from the self-checkout registers. She added that she had been working at Walmart for two years.

When asked about the video footage by the officer she admitted to violating Walmart's cash control policy, but did not admit to stealing the money. Authorities added that Moredock eventually requested an attorney and officers stopped the interview.

"Since employee are more likely to commit theft when they believe they can hide their misdeed, securing your documents and having a separation of duties can go a long way in theft detection and theft deterrence.

When a Spokane County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) deputy arrived, 27-year-old Jacob C. Lockard was found wearing a pair of sneakers that he had allegedly not bought. The value of the sneakers was not shared.

In a Tuesday, August 9, Facebook post, an SCSO spokesman said: "Lockard was observed walking back and forth between aisles wearing the new shoes, which still had the tag on them. "The store employee showed the Deputy a pair of worn shoes placed on the rack where Lockard was standing.