To avoid the most *unflattering* lip colors, it helps to know which work best for your tone, Bychkova advises, and sticking to them. She offers the following quick guide to refer back to if you're ever lost, trying swatches for the umpteenth time and/or need assistance when picking out the right product for your undertone.

Fair or light skin with warm undertones: Bychkova says to try lipstick shades in "warm pinks, coral, peach, or nude beiges with a warm, orange-y undertone."

Fair or light skin with cool undertones: Pinky nudes, soft mauve, and roses with a bluish undertone would "work perfectly for you," she notes.

Medium skin with warm undertones: "Deeper peach and coral shades would work perfectly for you!"

Medium skin with cool undertones: Deeper shades of rose and mauve "look best," and she says to "try experimenting with cool undertone berry hues."

Tan skin with warm undertones: Bychkova suggests "considering nude shades with touches of peach, warm brown, or caramel." As for the brights, try cardinal and candy apple red.

Tan skin with cool undertones: Pinkish and berry with blue undertones "work best for people with that skin tone." Claret is a perfect shade of red to consider.

Dark skin with warm undertones: She says to "Go for deep, dark, warm browns."

Dark skin with cool undertones: "Think ruby red and deep, cool plums," Bychkova concludes.