I'm grappling with coming to terms with the end of my 32-year marriage. Two years ago, I discovered my shy husband was cheating on me with a prostitute, going so far as to sneak her into my home when I was moving our older son out of college during the first COVID lockdown.

We tried marriage counseling. He refused to be transparent and continued to text/phone/see the same prostitute.

He felt his privacy was infringed on when he was told I should have access to his phone, that he was being held hostage because he couldn't take out thousands of dollars in cash each week to spend at a casino (where he initially met her).

He refuses all communication from me and has not seen our adult children in a year. He is still paying this prostitute, his "karmic connection," and our sons are livid.

He attends raves and listens to techno music, which he never did before. He's 55. The prostitute is 36.

I need closure. I cannot move on until I know why this happened. The prostitute is covered in tattoos, piercings (things he previously despised).

How can I trust anyone ever again? He told me I was old and ugly and he deserved someone young, dangerous, and worthy.

He has literally thrown his entire life away— he's lost his career, is involved with drugs, and his siblings feel so sorry for him.

What about our children? He tells them to "move on" and "accept things for how they are."