In the words of a recent executive order, TikTok “can access and capture vast swaths of information from users, including United States persons’ personal information and proprietary business information. This data collection threatens to provide foreign adversaries with access to that information.”

Apps like TikTok are considered dangerous by the U.S. Government due to their ability to conduct data espionage.

But even if you aren’t worried about your data being stolen, TikTok can be highly misleading, spreading misinformation, easily editing things to contain different audio or filters, or blithely reposting ancient videos with no context to make it seem to the casual viewer that this is an emerging story.

This video purports to show a long, tube shaped UFO in the sky, and a voiceover describes parts of the story, including the people involved and a report that the authorities were unable to identify it.

There is, notably, no information about when this all took place.

This video is about an event from ten years ago, and according to this Fox News story from 2015, the object was eventually revealed to be a collection of high-altitude balloons that were a part of Google’s solar-powered Project Loon, designed to bring internet access to rural and disadvantaged areas.

Just like how today, many “UFO” sightings are really just photographs of the “line of stars” in the sky created by SpaceX’s Starlink-related efforts to bring internet to everyone on Earth

These are evidence of a highly advanced, but Earth-based, civilization.

' You can see his face clearly, the person recording the video can be heard saying. The moment was captured in Moorhead, Kentucky, in the U.S., according to the tweet by a page called Paranormality Magazine.