BeniComp launches employee health insurance tool

BeniComp Health Solutions recently launched QuickQuote tool – to reshape a troubled industry.

The health technology insurance company is now reducing healthcare spending through data, prevention and technology.

There QuickQuote tool, allows employees groups as small as 25 people to self-fund health insurance and save hundreds of thousands of dollars

The whole process of being able to quickly quote a self-insurance product 

“As a result, we can save a company – let’s say, with 1,000 employees – maybe $5 million the first year.”

Presser explained that companies sit down to renew employee health insurance plans every year, and “the options range from bad to worse.”

One of the ways to avoid that scenario is through self-funded insurance programs

Presser said it is difficult for smaller companies with 25-100 employees to transition to self-insurance due in part to a lack of data.

“The future of the healthcare industry as a whole will always rely on fintech,”

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