The dance group, consisting of 36 women from different parts of Lebanon, stunned the audience with a hypnotizing routine performed in perfect synchronicity. "This not just gonna change your lives," Cowell said. 'This is a performance that changes the world."

As the last danger act left, Blade 2 Blade brought the thrills. The duo of brothers threw knives at a woman spinning on a wheel and donned blindfolds while throwing flaming knives at each other, narrowly missing. “It’s like watching a horror movie," Cowell said. "You shouldn’t like it, but you do."

Kristen Cruz, a singer aiming to take her talent from TikTok to the "AGT" stage, opened the show with a rousing performance of "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus.The act earned rave reviews from Vergara, Klum and Mandel — but not Cowell.“The word that comes to mind is ‘powerful,’ " Mandel said. "America only has two to choose. Hopefully you’re one of them."

Rapping magician Mervant wowed the crowd with an act that combined his love of music with magic. Did he manage to cheer up Cowell? I really, really, really liked your first audition," Cowell said. "I can hear tonight how nervous you are. And you know what? It made me like you even more."

Japanese boy band Travis Japan performed stunning dance moves in shimmering silver ensembles.“I'm big boy band fan," said Mandel, who hit his X during the performance. "You’ve got to hit some of the notes when you’re singing those solos. ... It seemed like a parody

Max Ostler, a young dancer from Australia who dreams of becoming a world-renowned choreographer, performed a moving routine to Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill."It's his talent! That’s why people love him. And his guts," Cowell replied. "The song choice was immaculate. The choreography was incredible. ... For me, this was better than your first audition."

Jordan Conley, whom America voted into the semifinals after the judges passed him over, earned the judges' approval with his zany stand-up."You did brilliant tonight," Cowell said. "It means a lot to you, and I think our audience are gonna love you after this performance."

Kristy Sellars proved once again she's no ordinary pole dancer.Cowell called Sellars' act unlike any other on "AGT." This was unbelievable," he said. "One of the most astonishingly brilliant, creative acts we’ve seen on the live show. You might be the one who’s gonna surprise us all at the end of this year."

Urban Crew, a dance group from the Philippines, leapt through hoops and performed plenty of backflips."I'm thinking halfway through, 'What do we actually know about this?' The answer is nothing really," Cowell admitted, adding that, for what it's worth, Urban Crew made him "feel amazing."