Tired of deadspots and disconnections in your own home? Plug a few of these simple devices in and create a full coverage network in your house. No more dropped video calls or laggy page loads... just simple and smooth internet connection!

WifiBlast Range Extender

Lumens are the unit we use to measure light, and most light bulbs put out about 800 lumens. The LuminaBulb, on the other hand, produces 6,000 lumens! Why hang a half dozen incandescent bulbs or strip lights to illuminate your garage, when one LuminaBulb is brighter than all of them put together (and more energy efficient)?


No More Hunting Spiders, Mosquitoes, Ants, Flies, Mice or Cockroaches. Thanks to this brand new device (2018 version), millions of people in the United States never have to worry about seeing another spider or rodent in their house again. Protect your home and peace of mind!

Ultrasonic Pest Reject

Using the power of nanotechnology, you can rid your car of awful scratches and scuffs that detroy the look of your car. Made with microfibers, metal powder, and mineral oil... you'll achieve the best cleaning solution for seamlessly removing all of the blemishes of your beloved vehicle.


Q-Grips are designed for ear wax removal and do far less damage than traditional q-tips. They work like a soft corkscrew. You just twist the flexible, soft ends into the ear and then pull the wax out. And, when you’re done, the disposable head pops off and into the garbage can with the press of a button.


A trendy, aerodynamic design that's easy to wear and even easier to pack — it's super lightweight. AcroFlex Shoes are the next step in footwear design that gives you a sporty sole that is also fashion-forward. These shoes fit incredibly well and embrace your foot to the point where it feels like it was made just for you! With 3 color options, you'll be able to find a AcroFlex for any ensemble and situation.

AcroFlex Shoes

BowlSparkle Foaming Toilet Cleaner is an innovative cleaning package specifically formulated to remove stubborn rusts & stains accumulated in the toilet bowl. Made up of magic foam particles, the cleaning powder immediately foams when it encounters water.


EmergenBulb rechargeable light bulbs work as regular led bulbs, but when there is a power outage, our bulbs switch over to using DC battery power. They will stay illuminated for over 4 hours, so you will never be left in dark again! With solid construction and quality materials, you'll know you have a great backup bulb for years!


Odyssey Blanket is a premium-grade weighted blanket that helps relax your body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, making you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night. The calming sensation can also help aleviate anxiety and ADHD symptoms and put your mind at rest to enjoy quality rest and through the night sleep!